Nancy Booth Coaching

Nancy Booth Coaching

Nancy Booth Coaching is designed to create safe spaces as you discover what can help you live a life of greater simplicity and focus on things that offer balance, peace and hope. She wanted a website that gave her a fun professional look to share with her potential clients.

Rayna has helped me immensely in getting my new website set up.  Three things to know about Rayna include:  her approachability, her timeliness and her patience.  I have appreciated her approachability as I think web development and design includes a different language.  I don’t always know the questions I want to ask.  Rayna was good at coaching me, giving me choices and then working with me to get my site the way I wanted it.  Her timeliness was impeccable as I could always count on her to complete something when she said she would.  Finally her loving patience with me was delightful as we waded through the design process and I saw the form of the site taking place.  Thank you Rayna Neises for helping me create my new website as co collaborators.  I have learned so much and I am blessed! Nancy Booth

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April 22, 2017

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